grampa was an alien


Meet Ethan, a little orphaned boy from Earth, and the Floogonian family who defied logic and norms to adopt him. In truth, Xerix thought "child" was a pet. The concept of having a pet - a concept unknown to the floog species - appealed to Xerix ... so while on Earth, studying us humans, he adopted the most popular "pet" going, a child!

Once back home he made the discovery that he'd brought back a human. In order not to have him dissected, Xerix was forced to adopt the boy as an offspring, since Ethan couldn't be returned. But together they lived quite happily - if a little confused - on Gizmok in the Klaxarian Galaxy. (That's a little removed from us, so don't bother trying to find it)

Xerix, Ethan's adoptive Papon (Daddy) is an Exploration Scientist - who studied all things Earth. Qantuu is Ethan's Maamel (Mom) and, along with adult Floogonian brother and sister, and many friends, tried their best to raise Ethan, in spite of all the differences.

They're still there, but the orphan is all grown up and living back on Earth, after hitting his head one too many times on the upper parts of door frames - floog are only 3.5 feet tall, after all.

Trouble is, nobody ever believes him when he tries to tell them he grew up in a galaxy far far away. Nobody that is, except his grandson, Lewis. He believes every single word, and we're listening in as Grampa Ethan relates his adventures on Gizmok.

Do you believe? Whether you do or not, follow along as Lewis takes us on a magical and sometimes confusing journey, while he introduces us to his very special Grampa, and all the stories ever told to him.

We're back with Lewis, as he tells us about his Grampa's stories, and what it inspired him to do, so many years ago .....

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