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SYNOPSIS - BOOK 1- GRAMPA'S CURIOUS VACATION - Grampa Ethan takes a vacation by himself after a visit from his adoptive father, the alien, Xerix.  Grampa makes arrangements to go back to Gizmok with him for a visit.  “E-fan” has not seen his alien family for many years, and misses them.  So he goes … without telling his Earth family of course. They think he’s gone to take “a walk down memory lane”, which is true, technically.  He has a wonderful visit, re-counting many fond memories and visiting old friends, but on the way back he is in a terrible car accident. Grampa spends time hospitalized in a coma, where he does more “visiting”, more people from his past. At the suggestion of Lewis, Janet and Graham begin reading to Grampa Ethan from his own book, hoping the stories will wake him up. The stories help, but he finally wakes up thanks to someone completely unexpected.  

86 PAGES - 16.95

SYNOPSIS - BOOK 2- OVER THE MOONS! - Lewis goes on vacation with his family - minus his beloved “Grampy” and his stories.  However, Lewis has found Grampa's journal, which mom, Janet believes to be fairy tales written by her dad.  She reads Lewis a story from the book about a little adopted, human boy named “E-fan”, who lives with alien parents on another planet, and who went on vacation to a moon - one of Gizmok's 7 moons.  Fancy that!

68 PAGES -  Includes 8 page Floogese dictionary  -  16.95

SYNOPSIS - NMP-CHKS & NUMSKULS - This is the story that was mentioned in books one and two.  Now, sit back and enjoy the tallest tale you’ll ever read, about the craziest fish story Grampa Ethan ever told!

Cappy just wants to go fishing, but a little bit of bad luck in the steering department sends him into the most bizarre world he’s ever seen.  Only his deckhand, Fish seems to know a little bit about these strange beings he calls “Nimpchuks”.  

Cappy is in for the fishing trip of his life, and he does everything but catch fish!  He meets, and goes up against a king, gets accused of breaking the law, escapes a cannery prison, starts a revolution, saves a whole lotta fish from a fate worse than … well, death itself, and a whole lot more!

Grampa Ethan thinks these Nimpchuks are aliens from Graalkuzzer called “Nmp-Chks”, and maybe he’s right!  Whoever they are, they live somewhere you’ll probably never go to, so don’t worry too much about them … unless of course they decide to migrate south.  Then we’re all in trouble!

132 PAGES - 21.95

SYNOPSIS - BOOK 3- THE PET DADDY (ORIGIN STORY - PART 1) - The Floogonian scientist, Xerix is studying hu-mans, and the hu-man custom of owning a pet appeals to him.  He seeks to adopt a pet of his own, but when he gets back to Gizmok, he discovers to his dismay that he has adopted a young hu-man!  To save him from a cruel professor and a dissecting table, he must adopt his pet to make him legal on Gizmok.

He tries to pass Ethan off as a pet to his wife Qantuu, but that ruse doesn’t last long, and they are committed to raising another “offspring”, this time a little hu-man boy named “E-fan”, so named because floog cannot pronounce the “th”!

70 PAGES - 16.95 - Includes world map of Gizmok, Days, Months and time structure + typical floog clock

SYNOPSIS - BOOK 4- CAUTION! BOY AHEAD (ORIGIN STORY - PART 2) - Xerix has, quite by accident, brought home a little orphaned human boy, which he and his mate Qantuu must raise.  Qantuu, after her initial dismay, succumbs to her motherly instincts and takes on the job with gusto and heart.  But she finds that raising a “smallhuman” is very different from raising a floogit.  Both parents struggle to understand how such a small human could generate so much confusion! His hairfur somehow becomes more, and the ends of his fingers and toes grow!  What does she do?  And what is this new offspring doing in the   middle of the cuyker patch?  Xerix must find the answers on "Urf".

77 PAGES - 16.95 - Includes world map of Gizmok, Days, Months and time structure + typical floog clock

SYNOPSIS - BOOK 5- COMEUPPANCE & KARMA ARE COUSINS - Suntans, bullies, and a pet rloxibex all factor into this next set of "Grampy stories". Bullies are everywhere, even on Gizmok. Young E-fan deals with his bully, using a home-made monster based on an Earth creature. Although his plan doesn't produce the results he wants, the bullying is finally eliminated by something nobody saw coming.  Xerix has a bully too, but the only way the floogonian scientist can challenge his, is with the vote, but he almost lets the chance slip by.  Eventually, things play out as the universe inevitably dictates, thanks to a healthy dose of karma.

75 pages - 16.95

SYNOPSIS - BOOK 6- MY MAN ZIGGY - E-fan needs a friend, and finds a good one right next door.  Zigmin, newly plumfed (born) to neighbours, Raahsi and Selfat, makes his debut into E-fan’s world with a bonk on the head .. and the friendshipo is sealed.  E-fan has many “Urf” lessons to teach Ziggy, and teach he does!  E-fan also learns how floog babies are born .. and it’s an eye opener!  E-fan gets Ziggy - and himself - into trouble a few times, but manages to keep most of it just between the two of them.  They never would have mentioned the 'swing incident', and you wouldn't have gotten either of them to say a word about how Ziggy finally got his parents to get him the big boy clothes he wanted!  Grampa however, does finally out himself to his readers, in this book.

79 pages - 16.95

SYNOPSIS - BOOK 7- DON'T TRIP OVER THE LEARNING CURVE -  Learning is hard.  Young Ethan finds out that no matter how much he’d rather do the ‘fun’ things, he’s got to do the ‘not-so-fun’ things too.  Grampa Ethan has to show first his young grandson, Lewis, and later his granddaughter, Milly the same thing.  Milly has a lisp, and she’s having a hard time, so Grampa tells her all about what he had to go through; things like struggling with a translation device in school, not understanding proper customs, and learning, not only how to support himself when he becomes an adult, but how to handle his money!  As a bonus, Milly learns how to say the ‘S’!  Now, she just has to practice.

77 pages - 16.95

SYNOPSIS - BOOK 8 - THE MOON SHINE AFFAIR - Grampa Ethan teaches the grandkids a little about curiosity,thanks to a bottle of rum left standing on the kitchen counter, through the story of how Xerix made an unusual trip back to “Urf”, accompanied by his newly-elected Leader, the Grande Floogonitax, Torkon himself!  

Torkon has become curious about hu-mans, after learning of the scientist, Xerix’s adoption of an alien from a distant galaxy.  After meeting E-fan, Torkon decides to    accompany Xerix on his next trip to Earth, and determines, on the spot, that they will leave the next day.  It takes Xerix quite by surprise, but the real surprises come when they visit Earth!  It was not what Torkon imagined, but a learning experience nonetheless!  

72 pages - 16.95

SYNOPSIS - BOOK 9 - GRAND THEFT SAUCER - Xerix and Torkon are finally on their way home after an eye-opening exploration of Urf.  Unfortunately, Urf is not finished with our duo.  They discover a stow-away, a beach bum who goes by the name, JB.  Jim Bob Jones has hitched a ride looking for the perfect beach, and he    demonstrates the annoying side of human behaviour, to the point of exasperation for Xerix.  The scientist knows the perfect spot for this annoyance, and drops him off on Brak, a planet in their solar system.  Later, guilt forces Xerix to regret the decision before he reaches home, and returns to pick Jim Bob up.  Now, the two floogs must decide what to do with him!  Things do not go as smoothly as they planned.

74 pages - 16.95

SYNOPSIS - BOOK 10 - MY RELUCTANT HERO - E-fan finally goes on a long wished for fishing trip with his floog brother Wazo.  During his day on the water of     Krikklbat Lake, he becomes a hero, and discovers much to his surprise, that floog do not swim!  In need of steady school-free-days work, he’s determined to make it his job to teach them.  Back in the city, the returning fishermen are confronted with a city-wide emergency that E-fan, with his fishing pole, has the perfect solution for.  He becomes a hero twice over, but is slightly uncomfortable with the accolades.

75 pages - 16.95

SYNOPSIS - BOOK 11 - THE GREAT UNDERWEAR CAPER - As E-fan continues his studies for his school’s science curriculum at the Institute, a student, that just happens to be the Institute’s son, disappears.  Professors and student, E-fan alike, must try and solve the mystery to bring him back.  It is finally determined that while programming it, student Tahlek got his math wrong when entering Professor Klem Tuw's latest numbers into the computer installed on the test saucer, in the floog's quest for worm hole technology.  Those equations amount to a few surprises, which take them back to 1947 Earth for a most unusual rescue mission!  

84 pages - 16.95

SYNOPSIS - BOOK 12 - WHO'S THE ALIEN NOW? - The scene is Milly’s 12th birthday and, as it is with every kid’s birthday, it takes Grampa Ethan back to his very first “special Moryeer party” on Gizmok.  Daughter, Janet has had enough. Her children are growing up.  They are far too old to believe in the nonsense her father keeps going on about being adopted and raised by aliens.  He’s got to stop now, otherwise, she’s going to have him assessed for mental competency.  It worries her that he acts like he believes it himself.  Grampa must now prove it, or forever hold his tongue.  He complies the only way he's left with, a call for help from his Papon Xerix in the Klaxarian Galaxy.  Will an actual alien show up?  Or, was it all just a wonderful fantasy we’ve all been caught up in?

104 pages - 16.95

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